Audi 80/Avant (B4)

since 1991-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi 80/Avant
+ Technical specification
+ Engines
+ System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ cooling System
+ Fuel tank and fuel pump
+ Air filter and airintaking channels
+ injection System
+ Coupling
+ Transmission and transmission
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Brake system
- Anti-blocking system of brakes
   Basic elements
   Malfunctions of ABS
+ Wheels and tires
+ Body electrosystem
+ ignition System
+ Lighting
+ Signalling devices
+ Devices and auxiliary devices
+ Heating and ventilation
+ body Elements
+ Search of malfunctions
+ Specifications

Anti-blocking system of brakes

The anti-blocking system (ABS) always provides optimum pulsing, that is faltering braking so complete blocking of wheels when braking the car which is equipped with this system, is impossible. Even at complete braking on smooth ice of a wheel still slightly rotate, in order that the car did not withdraw aside.

ABS is not panacea!

ABS cannot make any miracles when braking as drivers often think; so considerable reduction of a brake way occurs not under all conditions.

ABS helps to keep controllability the car during strong braking more likely. But for this purpose much bigger turn of operated wheels, than usually is necessary for system. It only one of the points distinguishing ABS from normal brake system:

  • Practice on an empty spacious parking in performance of complete braking at big turn of operated wheels.
  • Thus completely squeeze out a brake pedal. Dispensing of brake force – a problem of ABS, instead of yours.
  • It is true for braking both at rectilinear movement, and at the turned-out operated wheels (turn).
  • Be not surprised concerning a pulsing pedal of a brake. When works ABS, it fluctuations of a pedal are absolutely normal.
  • In extreme cases you should clean a foot from a brake even in equipped ABS the car that without problems to leave dangerous situations on turn.