Audi 80/Avant (B4)

since 1991-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi 80/Avant
- Technical specification
   15-inch wheels
   Brake system
   Passive safety
   Full drive
   Distributive Torsen-differential
   Dynamics of movement at a dry paving
   Instructions on operation for all-wheel drive cars
   Blocking of differential of the back bridge
   Motor compartment
   Regular servicing
   Workplace organization
   Lubricant works
   Consumption of oil
   Right choice of engine oil
   Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
   Check of level of working liquid of the amplifier of a wheel
   Check of level of oil of a mechanical transmission
   Check of level of oil in a drive of the back bridge
   Control of level of ATF in an automatic transmission
   Check of level of oil in the main transfer of an automatic transmission
   ATF replacement
   Greasing of hummock drives, hinges and locks
+ Engines
+ System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ cooling System
+ Fuel tank and fuel pump
+ Air filter and airintaking channels
+ injection System
+ Coupling
+ Transmission and transmission
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Brake system
+ Anti-blocking system of brakes
+ Wheels and tires
+ Body electrosystem
+ ignition System
+ Lighting
+ Signalling devices
+ Devices and auxiliary devices
+ Heating and ventilation
+ body Elements
+ Search of malfunctions
+ Specifications

Lubricant works

Not подмажешь... This old rule in special degree belongs to the car, and in it first of all to engine greasing. Because the highest demands are made to engine oil. Along with the best greasing ability are necessary stability to temperature influences, stability to aging, ability to act as cooling means and ability to hold a dirt particle in a hover.

Check of level of oil in the engine

Continuous check

If you just got Audi 80 (new or second-hand), it will be better, if you check oil level at each filling. If it becomes clear that the engine spends very few oil, it will be possible to increase a control interval to every second or even every fourth filling.


  1. To stop the car on a horizontal platform.
  2. After switching off previously the heated-up engine to working temperature it is necessary to wait for at least five more minutes that oil could flow down in the pallet. Still effective control before the first start still the cold engine.
  3. It is necessary to be careful with the hot engine not to burn to itself a hand.
  4. To extend щуп (the index of level of oil), to wipe its pure, not leaving fibers, rag or paper napkin, again to insert against the stop, a few to wait and again to pull out.
  5. On a tip щупа you will see oil level.
  6. If the amount of oil gets only to the bottom mark, it is necessary to add oils in the engine.

Dolivka of oil

The difference between the top and bottom mark щупа makes 1 l. Level of oil should not fall below the bottom marking. If on liter only a quarter it is less than oil, than it is necessary, for the engine it is possible not to be afraid for the present. But if level of oil is even lower, and besides the car operate in a sharp manner, pressure of oil can fall to dangerous level, on what immediately specifies a precautionary buzzer of control of pressure of oil.

Too large amount of oil in the engine too is unreasonable. At high turns oil can get through system of ventilation of a case to combustion chambers. Excess of oil in exhaust gases as is dangerous to catalytic converter, as well as unfinished gasoline as can lead to breakage. However at normal level of oil of similar danger is not present.

At what level of oil it is necessary to add it – depends on style of driving:

  • At moderate style of driving will enough add oils when its level will fall by the bottom mark.
  • At sharp style of driving the oil additive if its level is in the bottom third or a quarter between both marks is recommended. The bigger amount of oil can carry out cooling functions better.

Oil in small amounts is more expensive, than in three - or 5 liter canisters. However similar canisters are usually not so convenient for oil addition on the way. Besides, they take a place in a luggage carrier. The one-liter canister more will be suitable for exact dispensing of oil with a twisting cover.

For control of level of oil it is necessary to extend masloizmeritelny щуп from a directing tube on the left side of the engine. Level of oil should be between max and min marks, that is in the field of a corrugated surface (on shooters) on a tip щупа. The added quantity between both marks makes 1 l. Measurement will be exact only when the car costs on a horizontal surface.

Whether it is possible to mix various types of oil?

Grades of oil of all producers can be mixed safely among themselves, as also seasonal oil with the all-weather. This ability to mixing without harmful consequences is the main requirement of the international norms shown to oils. Though specific properties of a certain oil, probably, will undergo easy changes when mixing with other engine oil because each grade of oil possesses own combination of additives. However similar mixing does not render menacing influence on greasing action.

Who adheres to norms of the oils specified by Audi, can not be afraid that the unusable mix will lead to engine damage.